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Retrograde is an audio drama podcast written and developed by Joey Gutierrez and is produced by Strange Universe Productions. You can listen to the Retrograde Podcast on all popular podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, and you can follow Retrograde on our Twitter. For more information into the world of Retrograde, and the characters you can follow us on our Patreon.

The story

Retrograde is a Post-Apocalyptic Comedy Drama set in the Continental United States three years after 'The Pop'. 

On Mark 13th, 2019 the world was forever changed in an instant when creatures that would later be known as 'Critters' descended upon our world. They swelled from the oceans, from the earth, from the sky and shook the foundation of our modern society. Humanity fought and in some instances were able to carve out city-states for themselves in the rubble of the Old World. Those that survive do what they must praying for heroes  to rise and save them from this nightmare; this is not that story.

This is the story of juvenile individuals living their best life in the scarred wastes of America, or as they would call it "vibing".

The characters



Self proclaimed Rocker, Morgan has always sort of wanted to see the end of the world. They have delusions of being a post world badass like something out of a movie, but really, all they want is a sense of control. They briefly found that in college when they met Kit, and the two formed an almost sibling like bond during their time. When The Pop came, Morgan lost everything but Kit. Returning from Spring Break, Morgan was never able to find their family Post-Pop, and still wonder whether they are alive or dead in the wasteland.

Voice by Joey Gutierrez



Growing up with just his mother, Kit learned early in life what family meant, and how much it mattered to hold onto it. That sentiment bled into every aspect of Kit’s life, and continued when he went to college and met Morgan. The two became fast friends and enjoyed life as any college student would. That was until March 2019 when during Spring Break the world just happened to end. Since then Kit’s mom has pseudo-adopted Morgan after they were unable to find their family.

Voiced by James Rivard



Ionna has grown up her entire life home-schooled by her survivalist doomsday prepper father. She's never known the outside world for more than a few minutes, and has been taught since a young age how to survive. Because of this she's uniquely situated for when the world finally does end that neither her or her father Robert are truly phased. They've been waiting their whole lives for this. Unfortunately for them Ionna is diabetic and insulin is difficult to come by when monsters are roaming the street.

Voiced by Maddie Girouard

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